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Welcome to class 6C at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Miss Coope, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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Miss Coope

Fashion should be fun!

We had a very fun art lesson this week designing and creating clothes for mini mannequins. We looked at: how we could create 3D forms using paper; how to divide an item of clothing into parts so it can be pieced together accurately; different techniques for creating the designs we liked with the available materials. We finished this lesson with a fashion show to give each group an opportunity to show off and explain their final piece, their inspiration and the creative process they went through as fashion designers.

Exploring angles

In maths, we have been looking at types of angles, how to measure and how to calculate them. To bring our skills together, we used straight horizontal and diagonal lines to draw our name on squared paper. Then, we used a protractor to measure and calculate the angles we could see in our names.

How many angles were in your name?

Rocket Science!

For our third and final science lesson at Allerton High, we delved into the world of rocket science! We learnt about NASA and Space X and their missions to get to Mars; NASA would take over 2 years whereas Space X would take half a year because of the fuel stations they plan to send into orbit. After exploring rockets further, we then started to make our own vitamin C rocket.

Vitamin C tablets produce Carbon Dioxide – a gas which, when trapped, causes an explosion in the canister. With our safety goggles on, we worked in pairs and small groups to send our rockets into the ceiling (the bigger the dent, the better)!

Learning our model text – Rattlesnakes!

We had a unique writing lesson this week where we made our own wildlife documentaries! These were based on our model text – a report all about rattlesnakes – and will help us to plan our own animal reports after the half term holiday. It is important to have a good understanding of the text to inform our own writing and so that we can magpie the features and structures we like. After making our sets and animals, we began to put our model text into action. Importantly, the narrator had to deliver their best David Attenborough impression!

Buddy Book Night

What a special evening this was – coming back to school in our PJs to spend time with our Reception Buddies! Earlier in the week, we wrapped books as a surprise present for our buddies. On this festive evening, they got to open their gift and listen to us read to them. Let’s not forget the biscuits and hot chocolate we got to enjoy together!

Anti-Bullying Week

This week, we have been making a noise against bullying! We have had lots of discussions about: how we can make a difference; how to put a stop to bullying; and what it is to be an upstander or a bystander. The children have been united in their desire to end bullying this week. On Thursday, we made signs and chants and took part in our picket, whilst Friday was Odd Socks Day. The children enjoyed themselves (in spite of the horrendous weather while we were outside chanting!)

Leeds United PSHE workshop

Today, we had a visit from Vicky – a member of the Leeds United Foundation. She delivered a very important session covering important themes such as peer pressure, criminal responsibility, anti-social behaviour and social media. The children enjoyed the session and learnt some important lessons which may help them with their decision making in the future.

Exploring Positive and Negative Influences in PSHE

In our recent PSHE lesson, we learned about the influences that shape the three pillars of health: physical, mental and emotional. The class dived into groups and had thought-provoking discussions during three activities:

  1. Ranking various influences from the most influential to the least influential using a Diamond 9.
  2. Using a Venn diagram to sort influences in their lives into those which are positive and those which are negative. This included celebrities, social media and more.
  3. Distinguishing between influences that contribute positively or negatively to our bodies.

This lesson taught us to make informed choices that promote positive well-being.

Miss Coope

Observational Drawing Through Leaf Sketches in Art

Remember those leaves we collected during our trip to Meanwood Valley Trail? They became the focus of our latest art lesson.

Class 6C’s young artists learned the art of observational drawing, focusing on line and shape to bring their leaf sketches to life on paper. It was a lesson in patience and precision but one of the biggest lessons learned was the power of perseverance. Through drafts and feedback, the children discovered that their drawings could evolve, becoming more accurate and confident with each attempt. They rated their drafts, reflecting on ways to enhance and refine their work.

It was incredible to witness them flourish as they transformed initial sketches into beautiful renditions of the leaves they’d collected. This art lesson was not just about creating beautiful sketches; it was about having a growth mindset and the belief that improvement comes with practice and dedication.

Keep those creative juices flowing!

Miss Coope

Place Value Activities in Maths

In our latest maths lesson, we dove headfirst into the world of place value. This is the system that helps us make sense of numbers by assigning values based on their position. For example, in the number 365, the ‘3’ represents hundreds, the ‘6’ stands for tens and the ‘5’ is the ones or units digit.

For this interactive maths lesson, the children solved puzzles, completed worksheets and played team games to help them grasp the concept of place value. Some students tackled maths puzzles and problems on big flip chart paper. These brain-teasers pushed their mathematical thinking, encouraging creative problem solving.

We are looking forward to more hands-on maths lessons in future.

Miss Coope