Observational Drawing Through Leaf Sketches in Art

Remember those leaves we collected during our trip to Meanwood Valley Trail? They became the focus of our latest art lesson.

Class 6C’s young artists learned the art of observational drawing, focusing on line and shape to bring their leaf sketches to life on paper. It was a lesson in patience and precision but one of the biggest lessons learned was the power of perseverance. Through drafts and feedback, the children discovered that their drawings could evolve, becoming more accurate and confident with each attempt. They rated their drafts, reflecting on ways to enhance and refine their work.

It was incredible to witness them flourish as they transformed initial sketches into beautiful renditions of the leaves they’d collected. This art lesson was not just about creating beautiful sketches; it was about having a growth mindset and the belief that improvement comes with practice and dedication.

Keep those creative juices flowing!

Miss Coope

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